Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tonight: Palace In Thunderland // Planetoid // Hotblack // Lions Don't Eat Lions


Hello. Tonight we have a massive, MASSIVE rock show lying in wait. Really. In fact, it's so massive that you may enter the show currently 5'7 feet tall, and leave 6'1 (or 5'5)!! You may even come in slightly under the weather, but you'll leave in perfect may arrive in with a bit of a down mood, but you'll leave with a level of elation only reached by the most insane. You may arrive saying "oh well...let's go enjoy some music, whatever...", but you'll leave wildly speaking in tongues! ..Well...ok, yeah, possibly exaggerating on some of that. But one thing is for damn sure,

Tonight's show is going to ROCK!!!!!!

Palace In Thunderland (first show in like 5 years!!)



Lions Don't Eat Lions

21+ // $5.oo // 9pm

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