Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tonight: Art Opening: Two Beast's Meat -The Art of Mr. Tower & Ryan Bonsall


Tonight, come have a blast as we welcome the artwork of Mr. Tower and Ryan Bonsall!

A collaborative collection of water colors and acrylics by two of the valleys finest numbskulls. In the midst of the skull littered paintings will be a monster mural collaboration.

Mr. Tower is a local Nohope'ian and can be seen riding his steed like a bat out of hell. Spending most of his time drowning in doomy metal drawing painting and hand made screen printing skulls and cavernous cave cunt dwellers. Another attribute of his would be indulging in his gastronomical delights.

Ryan Bonsall, a warmhearted man who shreds in many areas of interests. You can find him ripping it up on his shred stick at the local skate park, recently apprentice tattooing, or beat'n da shit out of his drum kit in, i dunno, how many bands rye? Anywhoo, these two match up well and bring you a small portion of what is to come in their soul fulfilling artistic beast of a nature.

Also a lil something extra we like to call sweet topping on my face, our guest comedian and town loved man A A RON Kaplan. My main man be makin' your mouths crapalin' out laughter.

During the event music will be provided by yours truly Dj RayRayMcNasty, servin' you some dirty dancin' shit. Pull yo booty out on da dance floor and shake dat ass gurrrls and boyyys.

hors d' oeuvres may be provided

21+ // 8pm

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