Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tonight: The Hollow Glow // Crowrider // Ammo // Lord Helmet


We have got one hell-of-a-doozie for a rock show tonight!...not even kidding around folks. Not one bit... Check it out:

The Hollow Glow (featuring Ben Carroll of RA) -

Crowrider -

Ammo -

Lord Helmet -

See, what I did here was simply post a link to check these bands out. No need for clever descriptions and/or full bio's. They re all freakin' nasty. They all rock steady. They're all good looking. They're all going to be here tonight ready to enhance your life (or at least your Saturday night) with their well-crafted/ass-kicking music. Very, VERY simple. ....See ya!

21+ / $5.00 / 9:30pm

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