Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tonight: Streight Angular // Lions Don't Eat Lions // OFC // The Lively


Tonight! Bookcase Productions Presents, The Facial Hair Fiasco! A celebration of awesome facial hair, and awesome music! Featuring the following bands, and facial hair, of course...(there will be no prejudice against those with no facial hair, you fine people are still allowed to bask with us in the musical glory tonight)

Streight Angular- ...ever changing. Expanding and retracting like the Universe. They make music. They believe in a dream. Yes.(

Lions Don't Eat Lions- ...growing beards, turned up as loud as possible, some dudes playing music -very well- with no words, standing in the sunny spots. (

OFC- robbing banks, inciting riots, illegally immigrating to other countries...making noise, punk noise. (

The Lively- ...four dudes started playing music together a year ago. This is the outcome: thoughtful, beautiful, powerful music. (

Seriously, this show is the one you'd want to attend just for the flat-out great (and diverse) musical talent on the stage tonight. See ya!

21+ / 5 bux / 9:00

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