Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tonight: Minarets // Lions Don't Eat Lions // Burning Paper Ships // While Stella Sleeps


Dang it. It's raining again. But, we have the cure for the not-so-optimal-weather-blues at the club tonight! See, we have a show, with some bands, that know how to f-in' rock! That equates to: FUN. (We know, we does awesome music correlate to curing the not-so-optimal-weather-blues?? Well, IT JUST DOES!!). So come out, get some drinks, enjoy a sweet and rather diverse display of delightfully dynamic music!! Then, after you fill up on musical sunshine, the actual sun will come out to cheer you up further...or something like that. See ya!

Burning Paper Ships - The dirty three-piece, indie rock, drinking on the porch ( )

While Stella Sleeps - Explosive yet melodic music, sure to yank a wide spectrum of emotions from all who listen ( )

Lions Don't Eat Lions - A few chaps playing songs with no words, growing beards ( )

Minarets (Brooklyn) - The Evolution of Kinetic Time Bent Celebration Unbounded (

9pm // $5 // 21+

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