Friday, June 15, 2012

Tonight: Mass Laughs, The Comedy Buffet (early) // Amazing Love (later)


Tonight shall be a tidal wave of fun and merriment! It has been decreed! Fun and merriment shall be provided to you by the likes of:

Zack Livingston Presents: Mass Laughs, The Comedy Buffet!

Featuring main courses:

Chris Neff, from HBO's The Nasty Show 2, the Montreal Comedy Festival, Caroline's, The Laugh Factory

Yoshi Obayashi, from Showtime Network's Comics Without Borders and is a writer for Dave Attell's show Dave's Old Porn

With side dishes:
Carlos Garcia
Jordan Burkott
Marc Langlois
Served by:

Zack Livingston: Unfortunately, Zack is not a doctor.

7:00- Doors open
7:15- Chinese Fusion buffet prepared by Tully O'Reilly's
8:00- Showtime

Tickets: $10 in advance or $12 at the door (Buffet included)

THEN, after you've worked on your abdominal muscles from the onslaught of funny-ness and food, AMAZING LOVE has their electrifying dance party to offer. With one simple message:

Tonight, we dance.

(In memory of Jamie Lavo, R.I.P. You will be missed...)

21+ // 10pm // $1.00

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