Friday, May 11, 2012

Tonight: Ray Mason // Superkart // The Demographic


The rock just keeps rollin, tonight! With the legendary, Ray Mason!! Superkart!! & The Demographic!!


Ray Mason -
Ray Mason is often called the Godfather of the New England music scene. Godfathers are usually that cool uncle or friend of your parents who tells good stories and gives you advice on the things that matter. As the Godfather of the scene, Ray tells stories in his songs and has given more sage advice to young musicians than anyone can possibly imagine. Mentoring musicians is just another feather in the cap of Mason, who continues to be an icon to people who know music.

Superkart -
Superkart is a super group of sorts with Burkhart, Jim Weeks, Dave Hayes and Sturgis Cunningham, all veterans of the Valley music scene. “The four of us are at an age where we want a project that is original, meaningful, and musically powerful,” said Burkhart. “And we have a great time together. I am grateful that it happens to be my band and my music we have joined forces over.”

The Demographic -
The Demographic, a somewhat loud guitar/drum two-piece from Northampton, Massachusetts. They're awesome!

21+ // $5.00 // 9pm

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