Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tonight: The Fish In The Percolator Presents: SLEEP IT OFF, Cookie Potluck/Pillow Fortress. Featuring: The Delta Wave Ensemble


A night to just sit goddammit. To sit, relax, listen, eat cookies, drink Guinness, turn The Elevens into an enormous pillow fortress, and probably fall asleep on a floor that's otherwise usually used for dancing.

To lull you, minimal, dulcet sounds from:

Justin Bard (PONDS, Trials and Tribulations, Hntr Gthr)

Adam Kozak (Tundra Toddler, Sylphid)

Cora Gaulin (Sylphid, Trials and Tribulations)

Zach Peckham (Motel Mattress, Fort Fizzle)

Eon Fontes-May (Sylphid, Light)

playing for the first time as THE DELTA WAVE ENSEMBLE

PLEASE BRING: A staggering variety and number of cookies, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, stuffed-animals, and anything you feel would enhance this ridiculous idea.

PLEASE LEAVE: Hypertension, worries of woes to come, and things that aren't awesome, at the door.


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