Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tonight: Fancy Trash // The Sometimes // Matt Silberstein & The Flashbangs // The Doctors Fox // Chuck and Sue


Yes indeed music fan, that picture above is indeed the talented gentlemen who comprise the band we know and love, Fancy Trash. They will be performing here tonight! If you haven't heard them yet, please, do arise from your proverbial slumber and join us? You will not regret that....And Fancy Trash doesn't have to entertain you alone, which they can surely do, if need be....they are joined by four, count em' -four other fantastic music bands: The Sometimes, Matt Silberstein & The Flashbangs, The Doctors Fox (from CT) & Chuck and Sue (from Brooklyn).

Here's the order:

The Doctors Fox -

Fancy Trash -

Matt Silberstein & The Flashbangs -

The Sometimes -

Chuck and Sue - (They don't need no webpage!)

really, for the sake of being entertained by wonderful music, get to this show!!

9pm // $5 // 21+

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