Friday, March 9, 2012

Tonight: Outer Stylie // Hot Dirt // Dawg and Poni Show // Hortonia !!!


Ever wish you could go to a place that has rock music? Rock music that is not only played masterfully but can also get trippy, while still rocking? Hard. And steady? Well there is such a place and there just happens to be this kind of music there. The place is The Elevens, the time is tonight, and the bands are: Outer Stylie, Dawg and Poni Show, Hot Dirt and Hortonia. Wooo Hoooo! Yes indeed! Come sharpen your drinking skills and buckle up for some awesome music, tonight!!

Outer Stylie:

Hot Dirt:

Dawg and Poni Show:



21+ // 5 bux // 9pm


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